Making Your Life a Miracle Zone

Axel Johansson - Miracles (Lyrics) ft. Tina Stachowiak - YouTubeGod is Light strength particles and He turned into the simplest one Who existed a few fourteen billion years in the past on the time of the proposed Big Bang when the universe turned into created with the aid of Him. His unique “electromagnetic” energy is so vast that we counseled God to be the unseen electricity field of 3-dimensional space itself which physicists have termed the Higgs discipline. Moreover God’s unique “electromagnetic” energy is the supply of soul electricity in newborns that like oxygen is crucial for human existence. We similarly discussed the Divine soul electricity inner our frame as owning a special Mass which lets in our souls to be a questioning brain impartial of our human mind. We similarly concluded that the soul lives on for all time given that Marcia’s bodiless soul in Heaven freely communicates with my soul electricity in my body via direct concept-electricity telepathy.

The population on Earth is presently acim seven billion and each soul that integrates into a fetus in a new incarnation in a mother’s womb receives seventy-5 million of God’s Light electricity debris. God’s billions of quadrillions of His private “electromagnetic” strength, which is constantly multiplying because the universe expands, can effortlessly accommodate all of the soul energies inside the human species. Compared to the splendid Albert Einstein, God has trillions of times greater intellect. This significant supernova mind possessed by means of God is what gives God the organizing intelligence to be the being of us all, our planet, and our universe. God also seems to own other types of energies together with angelic strength, religion power, miracle strength, and prophecy electricity similarly to the “electromagnetic” electricity utilized by our souls.

God’s Omniscience:

Thoughts do now not originate within the human brain. They continuously evolve in our souls and therefore can be monitored by using God. No human being currently knows some other man or woman’s thoughts however God is aware of, regardless of how surreptitiously we strive to cover or cover our mind inside our Divine souls interweaved together almost inseparably inside our human brain. God also monitors the moral alternatives we make with our God-given Free Will even earlier than we lead them to. That’s what Omniscience method âÂ�Â� all understanding. We each have a tally sheet or religious rating card that is kept in Heaven to be able to determine whether we are able to strengthen to living forever inside the Messianic Age. If we have lived a meaningful existence with truth, honesty, goodness, and fairness in our heart and repented for our sins, we shall be admitted into a second Garden of Eden wherein the inclination to do evil can be yet again be subdued because it changed into for Adam and Eve earlier than the serpent entered their lives.

This time however our paradise might be sustained due to the fact earlier than the Messianic Age can begin, the Devil who impacts our evil inclination must be destroyed. In the first Garden of Eden some six thousand years ago, God had His reasons to use the Devil whom He had created to tempt a gullible Eve. When Eve gave way to her dreams and her human ego, both Adam and she needed to depart the Garden. One final results of Eve then Adam ingesting the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge became that the Devil turned into officially appointed to act upon and have an effect on the evil inclination in all destiny humans. He additionally gave the Devil unusual powers to transform, corrupt, and very own human souls whereby the Devil at any time may want to “emerge as” his fans’ evil inclination and instigate in them the want to devote evil acts. The effects of the Devil’s electricity is clear within the famous story of Adam and Eve’s twin sons, Cain and Abel. It is my contention that the Devil became the evil inclination in Cain who then slew his brother Abel. Cain eventually died but the Devil continues to be with us to the cutting-edge. We will take up this rely in a future article on the Devil where we shall explain the Devil’s powers and God’s reasons for creating evil. If God is all understanding, then even the Devil’s mind and plans cannot be hidden from God.